Burton upon Trent and District Engineering Society


Programme for 2018/19 season:

27th September:

Annual General Meeting at 7pm, followed at 7.30pm by:

The Claymills Victorian pumping station – talk by Jacob Fowkes

Photograph taken 1968, prior to closure.

An introduction to an amazing example of steam power and Victorian engineering.
Some of the recent restoration work done by our amazing team of volunteers.

25th October:

Dam and Blast

A talk by Derek Jerram on Impounding Reservoir Disasters Speaking from Personal Experience

Water can cause enormous problems as we all know, especially when it is impounded behind a dam that has not been designed or constructed safely.
This talk reviews some impounding reservoirs, both recent and historical, which due to man's greed or folly have caused great loss of life or money or prestige or all of these.
Derek Jerram was a chartered engineer and a water engineer for many years, with experience of dams old and new, and a chartered arbitrator involved with construction disputes at home and abroad.

22nd November:

Social Evening at Marston’s Social Club
Talk by helicopter pilot – Jolyon McLaine

6th December:

Joint meeting with I Mech E
Presentation by Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd


24th January:

3D printing by Jake Foster, SYS Systems

More information is available at www.sys-uk.com

28th February:

Joint meeting with I Mech E
Presentation by Jordon Roberts of Roger Bullivent Ltd

The presentation will give an in-site into the how and why we select piles or engineered foundations, the different types of piling and ground improvement techniques. In addition a safe, cost effective foundation is achieved. They will also investigate the techniques of precast modular foundations, what they offer and also restricted access piling and its markets.

Please see attached flyer:

28th March:

The Science of Iron Man by Jay Smith

In just a decade since the first Iron Man film kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much of the technology we see in the film has developed for real, contributing towards modern flight systems, power, weapons and artificial intelligence. Never has science fiction been so good at foreshadowing future technology and never have the timelines to technology readiness been so short.
This talk will explore the technological link between Science Fiction and real-world engineering, discussing examples from the latest research, and their current applications in aerospace, power, and defence. 
Jay Smith is an Aerospace Engineer for Rolls-Royce and part-time author, having previously been in system-level design and support of military surveillance aircraft, and having developed a BEng Aerospace Engineering degree with Lancaster University. 
We look forward to seeing many members and guests at what will be a very interesting talk.

25th April:

Joint meeting with I Mech E
Bell Equipment UK Limited – Articulated dump trucks presented by Nick Learoyd and Robin Piper.

The talk will cover the following headings:-

23rd May:

Vulcan bomber by Group Captain Mike Smith

Group Captain Mike Smith, ex Vulcan bomber pilot, will talk about Vulcan Bomber operations during the Cold War, covering the conventional and nuclear weapons involved, their delivery techniques and operational procedures. Also the famous bombing run down to the Falklands. a very special RAF pilot, Group Captain Mike Smith, one of the last of the Vulcan nuclear bomber pilots and at the heart of the Falklands bombing raid.